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President Song Zhiping is Invited to Visit Russia

From August 4th to 8th, Song Zhiping, president of CNBM led a delegation to visit Russia,accompanied by Peng Shou, president of CTIEC, at the invitation of Filaret Galchev, president of Eurocement Group in Russia.
In the headquarters of Eurocement Group, Song Zhiping and Galchev had an in-depth conversation. He firstly congratulated to the signing that CTIEC made with Eurocement Group on a general contract of cement engineering in Marzolf 2x5000t/d and Ulyanovsk 6200t/d. Then the both sides made an in-depth discussion on the cooperative construction of machinery manufacturing base in Ulyanovsk and on the all-around cooperation in building material field, such as gypsum board, glass, new-structure housing, and reached a broad consensus. After the conference, the CTIEC delegation was appointed by Song Zhiping to investigate machinery manufacturing base in Ulyanovsk, accompanied by Skorokhod, board chairman of Eurocement Group, and they were warmly received by Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk.
On August 7th, Song Zhiping led a delegation to pay a visit to China Embassy in Russia, and received a warm reception from ambassador Li Hui. Song Zhiping expressed his gratitude, and then introduced the latest achievements that CNBM made in the material fields such as cement, glass, new energy, new-style housing. Li Hui highly appreciated CNBM’s positive planning to develop the market of building materials in Russia, and introduced Russian current political and economic situation. Li Hui said that Russian nationality is rigorous and outstanding, and the conduct norm of Russian is that “all is starting from principle and proved by data”. The both sides also made a widely talks on the development opportunity and prospect of the Chinese enterprises especially those of building materials in Russian market.
During the visit, Song Zhiping and his team made an in-depth research into the building material market in Russia, and met some leaders of Chinese large-scale enterprises in Russia, such as branch of Sinopec.
Feng Jianhua, general manager of Nanjing Triumph, Ma Mingliang, president assistant of CTIEC and general manager of Bejing Triumph, Lv Zugeng, general manager of Shanghai Xinjian Heavy Machinery Corp Ltd., and Cheng Dongping, Triumph Heavy Industry Co Ltd., participated this activity.

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