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Peng Shou Attends ICG Annual Meeting 2018

From September 23 to 26,ICG Annual Meeting 2018 and 59thMeeting onthe Glass andPhotonic Materials were held in Yokohama, Japan. Peng Shou, chairman of the 23rdICG and the currentchairman of advisory committee of ICG, president of China National Building Material Co., Ltd. and board chairman of Triumph Technology Group Company was present at the meeting.
The theme of this annual meeting is “Innovationsin Glass and Glass Technologies:Contributions to a Sustainable Society”. This meeting was undertaken by the Ceramic Societyof Japan, and more than 580 glass scientists and technicians from 33 countries attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Peng Shou held talks with Richard K. Brow, former chairman of American Ceramic Society and chairman of ICG International Congress 2019,and Sener Oktik,steering committeemember of ICG and CTO of Sisecam Group(Turkey)respectively. He expressed that the exchanges and cooperation between international glass industry and academic circles are very important. The 25thICG International Congressheld in Boston in 2019 will be an important opportunity and the bridge to strengthen the deep cooperation between international glass communities.Meanwhile CNBM has stepped into the world's leading ranksin the field of glass technological innovation. He will positively mobilize the participation of Chinese glass industry and strengthenthe support.After full communication, Triumph Group and Sisecam Group reached broad consensus on comprehensive strategic cooperation.


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